Secure Patient Consent for Shelbourne Medical Clinic

The Shelbourne Medical Clinic (Clinic) and staff of Shelbourne Medical Clinic (Staff) have offered to communicate with you and other care providers using the following means of electronic communication:
  • eFax
  • Secure Medinet email
  • Videoconferencing
  • Searching electonic databases to which we have secure access
  • Keeping an electronic record about your care
Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.
  • All our Staff (medical and others) MUST sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment. Violation of the policy is considered grounds for dismissal.
For email, we use Medinet. Medinet is better than regular email.
  • When we initiate the conversation in email, it goes only through a secure channel, and so does your response.
  • Your information is secure. Messages are encrypted in such a way that only you and our team members can see the contents of your messages.
  • Medinet Mail uses industry standard safeguards. It has been approved for use in numerous health authorities in the province.
  • Medinet Mail does not use advertising. They cannot scan your messages to support advertising to you.
  • Medinet cannot and will not send any information to third parties.
  • Your inbox will never contain spam emails.
For videoconferencing we use Telus Virtual Visit.
  • During transmission, all audio and video data is sent in encrypted (SHA-256) streams, remain encrypted throughout the process, and can only be decrypted by the participants. The contents of the audio/video stream cannot be accessed or decrypted by TELUS or any other third party.
For fax, we use electronic fax within your electronic medical record (EMR) system.
  • The faxes are sent and received within your electronic medical record, which is maintained on a secure server and accessible only by authorized personnel. eFax is a computer to computer form of communication. All transmission takes place on a dedicated virtual private network. Access is limited by password protection.
Electronic Medical Records
  • We maintain computerized medical record information about our encounters with you and about your health history. We use Telus EMR, an Application Service Provider (ASP) who keeps your data on their servers and backs up the data securely. All information is held within Canada and not subject to other country jurisdiction. When we communicate with their server we do so over a proprietary secure port.
We search for data about you
  • We also may need to look at information about you held by other health care providers. The relevant databases include but are not limited to: Pharmanet, a repository of prescriptions you have filled; Inteleviewer, a repository of diagnostic imaging; Care Connect, with laboratory data; and Powerchart, a database maintained by Island Health. The custodians of the above databases are responsible for their security. Only authorized persons can use them, only when needed for providing health care, and all are monitored and have audit trails.
We communicate with others about you
  • The Clinic or Staff that they delegate may also use electronic means to transmit information about you to others when it is medically appropriate using the above secure channels. Examples may include sending a photograph of a skin condition for a photo-dermatology consultation with a skin specialist, or sending an eFax prescription to a pharmacy or a referral letter to a specialist.
  • Some electronic communication may be used other than for therapeutic purposes or to communicate clinical information. Where applicable, these communications will be limited to education, information, and administrative purposes.
Receiving information about you
  • We receive electronic communications about you through secure messages from other care providers including but not limited to specialists, laboratories, diagnostic facilities, and hospitals.


I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the risks, limitations, conditions of use, and instructions for use of the selected electronic communication Services more fully described in the Appendix to this consent form. I understand and accept the risks outlined in the Appendix to this consent form, associated with the use of the Services in communications with the Shelbourne Medical Clinic and their Staff.

I consent to the conditions and will follow the instructions outlined in the Appendix, as well as any other conditions that the Shelbourne Medical Clinic may impose on communications with you (the patient).

I acknowledge and understand that despite recommendations that encryption software be used as a security mechanism for electronic communications, it is possible that communications with the Shelbourne Medical Clinic or their Staff using the Services may not be encrypted. Despite this, I agree to communicate with the Clinic or Staff using these Services with a full understanding of the risk.

I also acknowledge that the Clinic, or Staff if so delegated, may communicate electronically with other care providers about my care when needed.

I acknowledge that either I or the Shelbourne Medical Clinic may, at any time, withdraw the option of communicating electronically through the Services upon providing written notice. Any questions I had have been answered.

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